Friday, February 20, 2009

Grandma Turns 60 part two...

You have to smile when you got Mac and Cheese..... Lauren "Keepn' it Real"

Getting their "feed" on....

You always have to keep an eye on Robert when your out in public.

Tim, Jacq and Ginya get a "Thumbs Up".

Grandma Turns 60!!!

Well, Grandma has turned's been a LONG hard road, so we thought we would celebrate with steak and ice cream. We went to the Lone Star steak house in Midvale.
Then there was the ......"Singing Telegram" or the STRIPPER as we like to call him. Judging by the smile on grandmas face.......she liked him too!!!

The young and the old attended.

And a good time was had by all......after all you only live past 6 decades once.....or so.

And Grandma said she didn't believe in internet dating.....I think Grandpa thinks this guy is cute too.

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