Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day #3 in San Diego

Well day #3 in San Diego was a 1/2 day spent in Los Angeles. We drove to Melrose and La Brea and had polish dogs at Pinks Hot Dogs. Another of the food network stops. They were good but I think a good old fashioned "Caspers Hot Dog" Is just as good.

We drove for 3 hours, stood in line for 1 hour ate for 20 min, then drove 2 1/2 hours back to SD.

We stopped at View Area on the way home and fed trail mix to the squirrels and sea gulls. Yes even the rats of the skies deserve to eat.

Then after a short rest stop at the hotel it was back to the Gas Lamp district for the last of the shopping and a little Thai Food "al-fresco" in the trendy little night spot area. Lauren was a little scared of the idea of Thai over Chineese food but as soon as she took a sip of my "Banana Coconut Bamboo Smoothie" we knew every thing was going to be all right.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Views from the deck of the Midway

From the deck we found lots of interesting things. We found studs.
We found giant kissing statues. Look over Lauren's right shoulder.

We found lots of planes and more buttons that needed pushing.

San Diego Day #2

Day two took us to the Harbor / water front area. Lots of interesting people laying around and playing thier music. Lauren found a new wardrobe style to bring back to the SLC. We toured the USS Midway. This was a long tour. Lots to see on the big ship which is now a flosting museum. Lauren was in tranced by all the buttons and switches and decided she had to turn "ALL" the switches. At one stop on the tour, Lauren actually found the main power switch and turned off the lights on the tour. We then discovered, there is not a lot of natural light on lower deck #3.

The flight deck had many planes and helicopters on display. We / I took lots of cool plane pictures, (95 to be exact). Towards the end Lauren was getting wind blown and stated she was "done with boats and planes).

Lots of fun to be had on the main hanger deck. You wouldn't know it from here but there were LOTS of switches inside that little part of the plane.

This was the first door we stepped through on the tour and the last time Lauren smiled with out being told to. Over all this was a good day. We had great weather, 76* and clear skies. We got a little sunburn but nothing we couldn't handle. Lauren had the bums telling her she was pretty and that provided lots of conversation talk at lunch time.

Friday, April 3, 2009

San Diego Day #1

Well we took the Trolly line to Mexico. This is not like other mass transit systems....We did not feel "safe" on this train ride, but we maid it to the last stop in TJ. We were just about to cross through the gate and go into Mexico when a nice Border Patrol Officer reminded us that with out a passport or two foms of ID, Lauren could not come back to the USA.....Dang it, I was so close. Lots of freaks and bum ride the trolly in SD.
This was our diner spot on the first day, The El Indio, est 1940. It was featured on the food networks Dinners, Drive-ins and Dives. It was good, but La Frontera is just as good.

The big Mexican flag as seen from the USA side. I noticed that when we were at the border there were lots of people taking walmart bags full of stuff into Mexico, but it didn't look like any of them had passports??????

On the "skybridge" to nowhere. Can you smell the urine like we could?

This is our rent a car, or the "Fire Truck" as we named it. Hey its got a sun roof and were in So Cal, what more could you ask for. We spent our first night at the Double Tree Hotel. A nice little crib for the upper class. We were forced to book an executive room for the first night. The indoor pool was open all night, we had complimentary Bruscheta (sp) and pot stickers when we came in for the night and Lauren found the bed to be just what the Dr ordered and she crashed by 10 pm.

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