Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day #3 in San Diego

Well day #3 in San Diego was a 1/2 day spent in Los Angeles. We drove to Melrose and La Brea and had polish dogs at Pinks Hot Dogs. Another of the food network stops. They were good but I think a good old fashioned "Caspers Hot Dog" Is just as good.

We drove for 3 hours, stood in line for 1 hour ate for 20 min, then drove 2 1/2 hours back to SD.

We stopped at View Area on the way home and fed trail mix to the squirrels and sea gulls. Yes even the rats of the skies deserve to eat.

Then after a short rest stop at the hotel it was back to the Gas Lamp district for the last of the shopping and a little Thai Food "al-fresco" in the trendy little night spot area. Lauren was a little scared of the idea of Thai over Chineese food but as soon as she took a sip of my "Banana Coconut Bamboo Smoothie" we knew every thing was going to be all right.

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deanna said...

hot diggity dog I wish I was there with you! My goal for the summer: eat a polish dog in Poland.

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