Sunday, November 25, 2007

The HOLY WAR 2007

BYU 17 Utah 10
What a day for football.........I've seen Michigan vs Ohio State, Nebraska vs Texas, Penn State vs Notre Dame, USC vs UCLA, and all I have to say is BYU vs Utah is perhaps the best rivalry game in college football. this game had it all, trick plays, personal fouls, late hits, trash talking, taunting and most of all DEFENSE DEFENSE AND MORE DEFENSE. If you have never been to a BYU vs Utah game you are missing one the best stories in sports. It was cool, 40* but the sun was out and both teams came to play. This was a dog fight and again it came to a last second touchdown from 11 yards out to give BYU the final go ahead score, but Utah fought until the last incomplete Hail Mary Pass to the endzone with no time left on the clock. Great effort by both teams but the Cougars were just to much for the Utes. GO COUGARS!!!!!!


Greco6 said...

It was a nail-biting game on T.V. Great game, I really thought the Utes were going to take it.... shame on me for such a thought.

Alton & Angela said...

Cool Post even though the UTE's lost. I didn't even watch the game this year Alton was working. It looks like you guys had a great time.

deanna said...

come on already!

josh said...

Hi Watson's

I'm trying to get in touch with David and Marikay. I think I've got the wrong phone number. Any idea how I can get in touch with them?


Anonymous said...

Ja mluvim cesky nohovno= I speak Czech like crap.
Your blog looks like crap...update it!

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