Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Long Overdue Update

Well, it's been a long time since we've updated our site and sure you have all missed us. Lots has happened. We have gone to on many trips and done many things. Above is a picture of Virginia in the botanical gardens in San Francisco. This was a great trip we took in October. We went with our friends the Greco's and had a great time.
This is another shot from the San Francisco trip. On the first day of the trip we unpacked at the hotel then took a long walk to the warf. Even though its been a long time since we've been to S.F. it seemed just like old times.

As you can see the kids are getting older and bigger. I guess they figured since they are acting like they are going to be dealing with the police alot in the future they should try and blend in so the used some of dads old uniforms and "5-0" for halloween.

This was from the Neh Hampshire trip in June. This was a day trip to Maine to look at light houses. We stopped for a mid day snack and as you can see Lauren found out that she likes yogurt in any state.

On the beach in Hampton New Hampshire. There was a lot more that happened since the last time we updated and we are sorry we have not done a better job. There was trip to New York for Virginia, a trip to California, a visit to the BYU-Idaho campus to visit cousin Megan. lots of new hair colors for Lauren and a new puppy,(Snoop), that is now the size of a small horse. We have lots of other things planned such as Jeff, Lauren and Robert taking a Trip to Vegas in December, all the holliday and new years stuff and much more and we promise not to leave you out this time.


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Yeay!!! IT Looks good!

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YEAH!! Welcome back! WE will love getting updates.

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