Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day #3 in Vegas- Hoover Dam day

Well Day #3 was the trip to Hoover Dam...Let me start out by saying........traffic sucked but the long drive was well worth it.

You can see behind Roberts picture that the Feds are building a new road and bridge to the Hoover Dam area that is long over due. But this improvement should make for a much faster drive to the Dam. Robert loved this part of the trip. He had been preparing his list of "Dam Questions" for days...Such as "Where is the Dam bathroom?" "Wehn does the Dam Tour Start?" "Who is the Dam tour guide?' and any of a thousand other "Dam" questions...and we asked them all and giggled like girls the whole time....
I guess you don't have to be mature when on vacation.

We took lots of pictures, and lets just add the dam is BIG and Tall. My Vertigo was ragging everytime we got close to the edge and tried to look over. At one point, after taking a picture, I turned around and saw Lauren sitting on the ledge right next to the stay off ledge sign. She got yelled at and didn't think that was cool.... After the trip to the Dam we went back to our room, took a nap then went out to dinner with my old work buddy Mark Ferraro and his roommate Mike. The food was great and it was good to see Mark again. It was a nice cap to the day. There was no Day #4 as we had planned. We found out we were going to be bumped from our flight on Monday night so we decided not to risk the stand by waiting game just before Christmas and instead we just bougt tickets and flew home at 7 am on Monday. We didn't tell Virginia we were comming home early so she got a nice suprise when we all walked into the kitchen ....A Christmas Miracle if you will.......


deanna said...

I like the dam pictures in your dam blog. ha ha
PS still upset you didn't invite me

Greco6 said...

Oohh OOhhh OOOOHH oohh, I want to believe in miracles, I want to believe in dreams..... That is a song in case you weren't educated!!!

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