Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nauvoo day #2

This was at the family meeting / talent show atthe end of the day.....I don't know what "talent" Lauren was trying to show everyone but.....there you go.
In the morning after breakfast it was down to old Nauvoo where we all decided to go pull hand carts so we could get a better understanding of what the pioneers went through. Then after that we took a carriage ride through old Nauvoo. The carraige ride was cool, a covered horse drawn wagan with a guided tour of the old town, including the first Browning gun store, theold houses of the pioneers and the new temple.

Then we get back to the hand cart pulling event. This was lame.....the cart really wasnt that bad, it was somewhat light, had big tires, but when we went our 2-3 mile treck up and down not so smooth trails, across little streams with lots of mud, moss, cow pee, cow poop, and the fact that it rained the night before so there were some spots where the ground was a little slick. the temp was around 90 * with 99% humidity. So it was HOT, we left right after breakfast so no one was thirsty, so no one brought water. BIG mistake. We were all sweaty lumps when this adventure was over. We all agreed .....we aint pioneers....there is no way we were doing this 30 miles a day.

This was at the start of the hand cart pull. Every one is smiling because we havent started yet, no is sweating and we aren't dying of thirst. The are no pictures at the end when we returned the carts, because no one cared at that point, it was all about getting a dring and sitting down.

The resturant at the Nauvoo Family Inn and Suites where we stay. 3 squares a day and its in the building, who could ask for more. But if you show up with out your shoes they'll kick you out.
After the old Nauvoo / handt cart thing the boys went swimming for 4 hours while the girls went shopping and geneology reaserching. I think the boys made the better choice.


meri said...

I think lauren inherited that talent from her Dad!!!

deanna said...

what happened to the orange shirts?!

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