Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nauvoo day #4

Day four started with a carriage ride around old Nauvoo. After the ride the kids got to pet the horses, Dave and Steve.
After a trip to Carthage we drove to Hanibal Mo. the home of Mark twain. We took horse and buggy ride around town then Lauren got to feed the horse, Pete, a trea. Which was kind of see, after we did the walking tour of the old Mark Twain, Becky Thatcher homes, we decided to get an ice cream cone, as were walking past Pete, Lauren tripped and "ate it hard". Straight on her face, it was Awsome. Then later after she ate by Pete, she got to FEED Pete....I thought it was all to cool. Pete smiled after both.

This is from a place called, Lovers Leap, in Hanibal. The boat in the background is the RiverBoat "Mark Twain" this is the boat we did our two hour dinner cruise on. The cruise was a buffett dinner, and live music as we sailed uo and down the Mississippi, It was very nice.

From the Second floor deck of the Mark Twain.

This was a long day we were on the road from 0800 am to 930 pm. But it was fun. we saw a lot, walked a little and boated a little. We also took 160 pictures today between Carthage, Nauvoo and Hanibal. So if you ask, we have lots more to show you.

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deanna said...

Did you watch the Simpsons episode of Huck Finn before you left like I suggested?

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